Primary School Eco-Squad Visit Site!

Pupils from Chrishall Holy Trinity & St Nicholas CE Primary School visited a working DCH site in November 2016.

With site manager Ray Stace as their guide, children from Chrishall Primary School's EcoSquad came along to our development in their village to learn how we build houses.

Their main objective was to find out about different construction materials and how they were used, and Ray gave the children samples to take back to school to make a display board.

The children were also interested in the effectiveness of the sound proofing in the flats, and it was put to the test by one team going upstairs and jumping up and down while the others listened downstairs to see if they could hear them.

Ray then suggested the children try out the emergency fire alarm - they really enjoyed that!

It was a productive visit for the EcoSquad who learned a lot about housebuilding and they showed their appreciation by making us lots of lovely thank-you cards.

We hope to see them again soon!