About Us

Welcome to DCH Construction. Founded by Duncan Cameron in 1946, we have grown into a respected and established construction company specialising in new-build and refurbishment for a variety of clients throughout the east of England.

Our approach is simple and consistent: to deliver outstanding results on every project. This unbending commitment to quality within budget means that DCH has formed longstanding relationships with many customers - in both public and private sectors - who specify our services time after time.

Firmly focused on the needs of our clients, we build using a range of methods from traditional masonry to our own innovative ‘straw bales’ design.

Several of our current projects are being built to Passivhaus standards, which offer high levels of occupant comfort while using very little energy. This type of economical, sustainable building requires the painstaking attention to detail and rigorous construction methods which are hallmarks of DCH, and we anticipate being involved in many more Passivhaus ventures.     

At DCH we take the health and safety of our employees seriously. In tandem with Eastern Builders Safety Group we ensure everything possible is done to make our sites safe workplaces for everyone.

Typical DCH contracts range in value from £200,000 to £6 million.

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DCH Construction
Eastern House, Priors Way, Coggeshall, Essex
CO6 1TW, England
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