Housing Associations

DCH has decades of experience of working with housing associations. This wealth of knowledge, coupled with the trust that has accrued over the years, means that clients can be sure their plans will be met with attention to detail and at reasonable cost.

Put simply, building houses is our strength, which is why we are a preferred contractor for many housing associations. We know their needs, and our workforce will strive to anticipate then meet all the requirements and deadlines that our clients demand.

We have built houses using various construction techniques, including traditional build, timber frame and our unique 'straw bale' method, and are always willing to innovate to take the company forward.

DCH is constantly striving to build houses that embrace economic sustainability and energy efficiency. Working directly with Hastoe Housing Association and Parsons and Whitley Architects, we are currently building 14 affordable houses to the rigorous Passivhaus standard on two different sites.

Clients in the housing association sector include:

  • Hastoe Housing Association (Hastoe Homes Ltd)
  • Chelmer Housing Partnership (Myriad Housing Ltd)
  • Sanctuary Housing Group
  • Greenfields Community Housing
  • Flagship Housing Group
  • Iceni Homes Ltd
  • Orwell Housing Association Ltd
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